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Local Dialogue: shaping our neighbourhoods

Across the country, Local Dialogue has delivered projects that have transformed local communities for almost 25 years. We specialise in developing lasting and constructive relationships between developers and the communities they serve. Our endeavours have notably benefited several urban and suburban areas, and their residents.

In this post, we focus on Local Dialogue’s role in lower density developments, highlighting our success in Romford, Cobham, Finchley and Durham.

In Romford, we worked with Holybrook Homes on the Crow Lane development project. During the pre-application consultation phase, we engaged with local politicians, residents, and businesses. This ensured that all parties affected by the development had their voices heard and interests considered.

Crow Lane, Romford as completed.

Local Dialogue’s open and proactive approach was commended by local councillors, reflecting our dedication to transparent and inclusive dialogue. The project, now complete, comprises 48 three- and four-bedroom houses, as well as 34 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments.

Plans for homes on Green Belt land in Cobham.

In Cobham, Surrey, we played a crucial role in promoting proposals for a sensitively designed residential development on a prominent Green Belt site. Our expertise was put to good use, ensuring that the development not only contributed to the local semi-rural landscape but also respected the natural environment.

Finchley Reform Synagogue's plans for a new building.

It’s not just housing – in Finchley, we joined the team on the pre-application consultation phase for the new Finchley Reform Synagogue. In this role we communicated the plans of the new synagogue and kindergarten to local residents and the synagogue’s assembly, ensuring all stakeholders were aware of and involved in the planning process.

Our approach included hosting public exhibition events where attendees could visualise the project and offer their insights. The Synagogue project, now complete, stands as a testament to our community-focused efforts.

In Durham, Local Dialogue works with Unite Students, handling the consultation for the planning application to turn Rushford Court from private student accommodation into a Durham University College.

Unite Students' plans at Rushford Court, Durham.

As the site is situated on the edge of the city centre, in a residential area, the proposed amenities building required engagement with permanent residents and students alike. The project team worked alongside Unite Students and Durham University to bring forward a consultation programme, including both virtual and face-to-face consultation events.

Through the consultation process, ideas on how to integrate the site with the local community were suggested and included in the final application, including opening the grounds up to neighbours and the ability to hire the amenities facilities outside of term time. The application was approved by the Council and the College is aiming to be reopened in 2024.

At Local Dialogue, we understand that each community has its own unique needs and characteristics, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet these specific requirements. Our track record in neighbourhood development speaks volumes of our ability to foster strong relationships between project planners, developers and local communities. Speak to us today about your project and how you envision your relationship with the local community.

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