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Alongside more traditional approaches to consultation, we ensure that all our projects make appropriate use of the most innovative forms of virtual engagement. Particularly since Covid-19, communities expect to be able to engage remotely through virtual exhibitions and webinars. We harness these tools to reach every part of a community.

Bespoke project websites

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 09.10.27.png

We produce bespoke websites for clients to promote schemes and reach all sections of a community.

All our websites can be automatically translated into different languages and in most cases host 'virtual exhibitions'.  

Innovative technology

We are always looking at ways to use the most advanced technology to make our projects as efficient and user friendly as possible.

The poster above uses near-field communication (NFC) or contactless technology, significantly simplifying signing up for a construction newsletter.


Virtual events

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 09.11.04.png

Online events are an everyday part of our business.


We are experts in organising large virtual community events with 50+ attendees as well as crucial smaller online meetings with key political stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence


Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are bringing new technologies to the market all the time. 


As these tools become increasingly commonplace in professional, and domestic settings, we will continue to monitor the potential implications (and advantages) of AI technologies for the delivery of community engagement.

Image: an urban skyline as imagined by AI image generator Craiyon

Social Media

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 13.22.00[35].jpg

We publicise our consultations via targeted social media ads.


These extend our reach and bring in potential supporters who wouldn't otherwise engage.

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